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C U S T O M  P R O G R A M S


Our sessions are agile and dynamic, and are unique in that they are crafted specifically with your organization's initiatives, priorities, culture, and challenges in mind. We have created sessions for various divisions within F500 organizations and corporations of all sizes. These programs have included tracks for Leadership, HR, Finance, Legal, Sales, Customer Experience, Customer Service, Editorial, Journalism, Tax, Marketing, org-wide open sessions, and more. We have specific programs for minority groups, law firms, school staff, students, and the tax and accounting community as well. All programs include a mindfulness based approach, neuroscience, and practical, every day exercises that leave participants empowered to actually develop the specific topical skills and traits, unlike other programs that simply create an awareness of their benefits. Our programs are relevant, interesting, accessible, and practical. 


 We customize our sessions for your participants. Some of the most highly requested areas for programming and facilitation include:

  • Leadership 

  • Customer Experience 

  • Mental Health

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Unconscious Bias Topics

  • Sales & Account Management

  • In-House Legal Departments 

  • Optimizing Your Law Firm

  • Integrating & Embracing Culture

  • Cultivating Empathy & Compassion

  • Change Management

  • Building Focus & Performance

  • Achieving True Work-Life Balance

  • Building Emotional Intelligence and a Higher "EQ"​

  • Cultivating Resilience & Building Resilient Teams

  • Stress Management

  • Cultivating Greater Well-Being

  • Professional Women Groups

  • Tax Professionals

  • Law Sessions (partner & associate audience)

  • Legal Professionals (firm-wide programs)

  • Teachers and School Staff 

  • Keynote Speaking/Offsite Workshops

  • Sales Conference Workshops

  • Customized Sessions for Specific Nuanced Audience or Goal

  • * "SIY" program also available, please contact us if interested


 "Critical skills for chaotic, high stress environments. Thank you for explaining the science and providing what we can do to help ourselves."

"This program was one that I know I will be utilizing for years to come. The exercises were fantastic and are so accessible. Tremendous job!"

"Fascinating topic delivered .... in a way that is engaging and easy to understand."

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