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Our Mission

           Elevating individuals, teams, and organizations through greater well-being, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

The Beneficial Element is unique in that we work with your initiatives, priorities, and challenges to maximize the benefits of our programming. Our curated programs yield a practical, tangible, and actionable cultivation of critical skills. Our approach of integrating the most up-to-date neuroscience, toolkits, and behaviors ensures true results. 

"Our law office had a phenomenal experience with this program. The lawyers in our office did not have much previous experience with mindfulness and were not sure how this would fit into our professional practice.  The session with Amaris was so informative as she taught about the science behind mindfulness; how it has been integrated into the workplace, and how we could adopt mindfulness practices in our office.  


The most helpful part of the session was the opportunity to learn and practice mindfulness exercises...[they have] helped with improved decision making; building relationships with colleagues and clients; and utilizing positive problem-solving strategies.  Two years after her training, many of us still refer to her session and strategies as we deal with stressful deadlines and situations."

-Angie Miller, Senior Deputy General Counsel, San Francisco Unified School District Legal Department


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