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Our CEO, Amaris Vicari, Esq., has been practicing mindfulness for over 25 years. She has worked extensively in various environments and with a wide variety of audiences. She has reached thousands directly through her mindfulness and emotional intelligence sessions. She is honored to be the creator and facilitator of her Mindfulness for Reuters Hostile Environment Trainings, These customized programs empower journalists and photojournalists that cover war zones, protests, natural disasters, and other high stress environments with mental and emotional preparedness. This unique programming focuses on building resilience day-to-day, stress management techniques, higher performance, attention management, emotional awarenss, and other skills critical to mental and emotional well-being in hostile environments. She has experience teaching in many geographies including Africa, Asia, South America, Europe, and the U.S.

Amaris has extensive experience with F500 organizations. She also has a wealth of experience working with small businesses, non-profits, law firms, tax professionals, schools, and private groups. She has created and facilitated many customized leadership series, professional development courses, and specialty courses. Her workplace programs are centered around building greater focus and performance, developing greater self-awareness, cultivating resilience, building resilient and successful teams, mastering change, building higher emotional intelligence, cultivating and incorporating empathy and compassion, managing stress, understanding neuroscience, and other overall ways to elevate well-being. 

Amaris is also the creator and facilitator of the Mindfulness for Customer Experience series for sales leaders and customer facing roles, and has a deep expertise in creating and facilitating series for professionals. She has created programs for women and minority groups and is passionate about helping to empower them . Her corporate sessions reach all divisions within organizations.

Amaris is a keynote speaker and has presented at leadership meetings, sales meetings, editorial and legal workshops, and retreats with many diverse participants. She was recently interviewed by Reuters on the topic of self-compassion in journalism. She hosts off-site retreats for both organizations and private groups, and co-creates programs for elementary schools. Amaris takes great joy in facilitating sessions for children in school classrooms as well.  

Her unique approach that incorporates the initiatives, priorities, and culture of the organizations she works with makes The Beneficial Element's programs dynamic and effective.

Amaris is a certified Search Inside Yourself ("SIY") Teacher and is authorized to teach the 2-day mindfulness program born at Google. Please contact us if you are interested in the SIY Program. She is honored to have completed the 'Engage' mindfulness training program at Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, which has deep expertise in mindfulness based emotional intelligence and neuroscience.  She studied at The Mindfulness Training Institute, and is currently a candidate in the Ambassador of Compassion certification through Stanford's CCARE & ACA. Amaris is a certified yoga instructor, and her favorite pastime is getting outdoors with her three young girls and being in nature.

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